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Field House Farm - Swept-top Steel

Revamp Field House Farm with our 5.5m arched top gate—stylish, durable, and seamlessly automated for security

Field House Farm

Design: The entrance to Field House Farm is undergoing a transformation that combines both form and function. A grand 5.5-meter arched top gate with tube infills will serve as the focal point of the property's entrance. Complementing the gate is a custom-designed house sign that adds a touch of elegance and identity to the estate. To ensure longevity and resistance to the elements, the gate and heavy-duty posts will undergo meticulous preparation, including shotblasting, zinc priming, and a powder coating finished in smooth matte black. This treatment not only enhances the gate's aesthetics but also extends its lifespan, ensuring it remains a striking feature for years to come.

Installation: The gate installation will be carried out by our team of skilled professionals. To guarantee the gate's stability and durability, we will utilize top-grade C35 concrete, preventing any post movement and ensuring the gateway's integrity for generations.

Automation: The Field House Farm gate will be automated using the Smarty 7 Aboveground system, specifically chosen for its industrial-grade capabilities. Designed to handle high volumes of maneuvers, this automation system ensures smooth and reliable gate operation, regardless of the frequency of use.

Safety Considerations: Safety is a paramount concern in this project. Our team will conduct comprehensive full-force testing to verify the gate's structural integrity and operational safety. The motor will be fine-tuned to optimize its performance, ensuring swift and secure gate movement. Additionally, advanced photocell technology will be integrated to provide an extra layer of safety, ensuring that both vehicles and pedestrians are protected during gate operations.

Access Control: Field House Farm will benefit from an array of advanced access control options, enhancing convenience and security for residents and authorized personnel.

  • Gate Command Unit: The gate command unit will allow users to set timed openings for specific schedules, as well as the ability to dial to open or hold the gate open when required. This feature provides flexibility and control over access.

  • Remote Fobs: For added convenience, remote fobs will be supplied, enabling residents to operate the gate from the comfort of their vehicles, ensuring a seamless entry and exit experience.

  • Wired Keypads: Multiple wired keypads will be strategically placed, each offering unique access codes. This allows for multi-user entry with individualized access, enhancing security while accommodating the needs of residents and authorized personnel.


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