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Skelton - Double Swing Swept-top Aluminum

Enhance your entrance with the stylish and secure 4m Swept Top Aluminium Gate, featuring automated operation, safety measures, and easy access control.

Swept Top Aluminium Gate


- Elevate your property's entrance with the Swept Top Aluminium Gate. This imposing double swing gate spans 4 meters and features a sleek, aluminum construction. The heavy-duty posts are meticulously fabricated and powder-coated for both aesthetics and durability.


- Our dedicated team takes care of the installation process, including trench excavation and mains power setup for the gate.

- Cables are discreetly fed through pillars, ensuring a neat and tidy finish that complements the gate's aesthetics.

- To enhance both visibility and security, our team installs up/down lights with a dusk-til-dawn sensor.


- The Swept Top Aluminium Gate is powered by a Double Roger underground 36V brushless Kit, offering smooth and efficient automation.

Safety Considerations

- Safety is a paramount concern, and we've taken several precautions to ensure it:

- Full safety edges are installed to prevent entrapment between the gate and adjacent walls or fences.

- Photocells are integrated into the gate system to enhance the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians.

Access Control

- Take command of your gate with various access control options:

- Mobile GSM Switch for convenient control via your mobile device.

- Remote fobs for effortless gate operation.

- Internal and external keypads offer additional security and convenience, allowing authorized access from both inside and outside your property.

Choose the Swept Top Aluminium Gate for a harmonious blend of design, safety, and ease of access. Our meticulous installation process, state-of-the-art automation, and robust safety features ensure that your property's entrance is both functional and stylish.


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