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East Knapton - Industrial Cantilever Steel

Secure style: Our 2.4m, 4.5m V Mesh Industrial Gate blends durability, aesthetics, and advanced automation for reliable access.

Cantilever Sliding V Mesh Industrial High Gate

Enhance the security and style of your property with our top-of-the-line Cantilever Sliding V Mesh Industrial High Gate. Standing tall at 2.4 meters and spanning 4.5 meters in width, this commercial gate and automation gate are meticulously designed for unbeatable strength and aesthetic appeal.

The V mesh design with diagonals eliminates any potential sagging, while the gate's satin black powder-coating ensures exceptional longevity. To make it ram-proof and stable in all conditions, strategically installed goalposts enhance the gate's robustness, providing a secure barrier for your property.

Our expert team takes care of every aspect of the Commercial Gate Installation process, including trench excavation, mains power setup, and the installation of a C35 concrete counterweight block, along with all necessary groundwork. With a total length of 6.5 meters, our team ensures the gate's seamless transportation to the site.

Powering this impressive gate is a robust 1000kg Roger Technology 36V brushless motor, designed for ultimate reliability and an extended motor life. This motor is well-equipped to handle intensive use, ensuring smooth and dependable operation.

Safety is our top priority. We meticulously install full safety edges to eliminate any risk of entrapment between the gate and the goalposts. Photocells are integrated to provide an additional layer of safety for both vehicles and pedestrians, ensuring a secure environment.

For convenient and secure access control, we offer a 4G GSM Intercom with a keypad, allowing seamless communication and access granting to visitors. Additionally, remote fobs are provided for easy and efficient gate operation.

Choose the Cantilever Sliding V Mesh Industrial High Gate for unparalleled security and style. With our meticulous Commercial Gate Installation, over-engineered automation, and top-notch safety features, it guarantees that your property's entrance is not only secure but also leaves a lasting impression.


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