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Elsham Hall Gardens and Country Park - Solar Steel

Single swing solar powered gate installation.

Above Ground Automation 

Looking for a reliable and sustainable solution for your commercial electric sliding gates? Consider the Roger Smarty 5 above ground 36V brushless motor, powered by solar panels for an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. With its advanced brushless motor technology, the Roger Smarty 5 provides reliable and efficient operation, ensuring that your sliding electric gate design and installation can handle the demands of a busy commercial property. And with the solar panels providing a constant source of energy, you can rest assured that your electric sliding gates will always be ready to go, without the need for costly and inconvenient wiring or traditional power sources. Whether you're looking to improve the security and accessibility of your commercial property or simply want to enhance its overall aesthetic appeal, the Roger Smarty 5 is an excellent choice for any sliding electric gate design and installation. So why wait? Choose the Roger Smarty 5 for your commercial electric sliding gates today and enjoy the benefits of reliable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective operation. 

Solar Power

36V system with three 12W solar panels, providing power all year round.

Safety Features

Two sets of photocells, safety edge and in-built obstacle detection technology.

Access Control

Timer, mobile phone switch, key pads and remote fob access.

SecurityViro mechanical lock to prevent forced entry.


5.2m gate fabricated from mild steel box section, 150mm posts, side infills, designed to minimise sag. Powder coated satin black to ensure longevity of a good aesthetic appearance. 


TBC at Next Service

Manoeuvres Completed 



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