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Trebro UK - Industrial Double Swing Swept-top Steel

Double Swing Industrial Above ground Automation.

Commercial Gate Automation (Trebro UK)

Double Swing Aboveground Automation

Roger Technology Industrial Specification Motors.


If you're concerned about the threat of ram raiding, our magnet lock and secure floor pin system is an excellent security feature to consider. Our magnet lock and secure floor pin system is designed to prevent this by securing the gate in place and making it much more difficult for intruders to gain access. Without this system, double swing gates can be easily compromised if subjected to a large external force.

Safety Features

Our automated gate systems are designed with safety as a top priority. That's why we incorporate two sets of photocells, 4 safety crush edges, and in-built obstacle detection technology into our installations. This advanced safety system ensures that the gate will stop and reverse if it detects an obstruction, preventing accidents and injuries. To ensure that our safety system is working correctly, we use a force test meter to fine-tune the settings. This ensures that the gate meets all necessary safety regulations and fully complies with current legislation.

Access Control

GSM Mobile Switch, wired keypads and remote key fobs.

Cable Management

All control aspects condensed into one neat IP67 rated secure box.


Fabricated by the customer themselves to our automation specification. See their website below. 


TBC at Next Service

Manoeuvres Completed 



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