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Westfield Farm - Solar Estate Style Steel

Single swing solar power gate installation.

Single Swing Above Ground Solar Automation

 Experience seamless and energy-efficient gate automation with our Single Swing Above Ground Solar Automation by Roger Technology. This reliable industrial motor is specifically designed to power swing gates, delivering smooth and effortless operation. Opting for solar power, this automation system not only ensures reliability but also reduces energy consumption, providing cost savings on electricity bills.

Key Features of our Solar Powered Gates:

1. Solar Power Advantage:

  • Operates on a 24V solar power plant, offering reliable automation without the need for frequent battery changes.

  • Significant cost savings by eliminating the need for extensive cable installations.

2. Enhanced Security:

  • Equipped with a magnetic latching solenoid mechanical lock, preventing unauthorized access and enhancing security against ram-raiding.

3. Safety Assurance:

  • Incorporates two sets of photocells and advanced obstacle detection technology.

  • Fine-tuned using a force test meter for precise and reliable safety measures.

4. Convenient Access Control:

  • Mobile GSM Switch, remote key fobs, and wireless keypads provide convenient and secure access control options.

5. Quality Fabrication:

  • Estate style gate crafted in our workshop, featuring a shot-blasted, zinc-primed, and powder-coated finish for durability and aesthetic appeal.

Whether securing a residential or commercial property, our Single Swing Above Ground Solar Automation system is the ideal choice for swing gate security and automation needs. Trust Roger Technology to deliver a top-quality solution that excels in both performance and durability. Make the smart choice for your electric gate security – go solar with Roger Technology.


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